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Tungsten carbide composite rod, compositewelding rod, YD welding rod, is made of by sintering tungsten carbide scrap and elastic matrix alloy, Outer layer of the special flux and coloring is marking scrap grade, the composition of sintering tungsten carbide scrap is mainly CO and WC, The hardness is HRA 89~91, tire body matal is Ni and copper alloy, strength can up to 690 MPa, hardness HB≥160.


Crushed composite welding rods

Grade Chemical compositions ( ≦% )
Cu+Zn+Sn WC Co
Cu-40 40±2 53-56 4.6-4.8
Cu-45 45±2 48-52 4.2-4.5
Cu-50 50±2 44-48 3.8-4.2

Ni-Cu tungsten carbide composite rods

Grade Chemical compositions ( ≦% )
Cu+Zn+Sn WC Co
Ni-Cu 40 40±2 53-57 4.6-5.0
Ni-Cu 45 45±2 49-52 4.2-4.5
Ni-Cu 50 50±2 44-48 3.8-4.1

Picture of tungsten carbide composite rods


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