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10pcs/Box Rotary Burrs Tungsten Carbide Steel Rotary Burr Bit Set 3mm Shank 6mm Cutting Head

Brand Name : JINXIN

Place of Origin : CHINA

MOQ : 7-15DAYS

Packaging Details : 10 ton/month

This is a set of 10 pieces rotary burs in various shapes for multiple purposes, and it can be used to cut cast iron, cast steel, carbon steel, alloy steel, stainless steel, copper, aluminum, marble, jade, bone, etc.

Tungsten carbide burr bits are widely used for metalwork, tool making, engineering, model engineering, wood carving, jewellery making, welding, chamferring, casting, deburring, grinding, cylinder head porting and sculpting. They are used in the aerospace, automotive, dental, metal sculpting, and metal smith industries; to name but a few.

*The carbide burs tools for metal working, are available in three main styles of cut: single groove, double       groove and double groove with end cut.
*Material: 100% of raw materials.
*Tolerance: strict tolerance extent control, which can reach about 0.01mm;
*Types: cylindaric, conical, inverted conical, parabolic,ballistic.
*Physical performance: Durable,high hardness and impact toughness,efficient, long lasting...

Single cut (one flute) Tungsten carbide burr bits have a right handed (Up cut) spiral flute. These tend to be used with stainless steel, hardened steel, copper, cast iron, and ferrous metals and will remove material quickly. Use for heavy stock removal, milling, deburring and cleaning.

  • Heavy removal of material

  • Milling

  • Deburring

  • Cleaning

  • Creates long chips

Double cut carbide burrs tend to be used on ferrous and non ferrous metals, aluminium, soft steel and also for all non-metal materials such as plastics and wood. They have more cutting edges and will remove material faster. These are the most popular cut and will see you through most applications.

Double cut are sometimes referred to as Diamond Cut or Cross Cut (2 flutes cut across each other) . They will leave a smoother finish than single cut due to producing smaller chips as they cut away the material. Use for medium-light stock removal, deburring, finishing and cleaning. 

•Medium- light removal of material


•Fine finishing


•Smooth finish

•Creates small chips

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