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Introduction of cemented carbide ball

Introduction of cemented carbide ball


Cemented carbide balls are powder metallurgical products made from WC, TiC micron grade powder of refractory metals with high hardness, using cobalt (Co), nickel (Ni) and molybdenum (Mo) as binder and sintered in vacuum furnace or hydrogen reduction furnace. At present, common cemented carbides include YG, YN, YT and YW series.


Cemented carbide ball mainly includes blank ball, fine grinding ball, punching ball, bearing ball, valve ball, non-magnetic ball, monel ball, through hole ball, measuring ball, scraping ball and pen ball, etc.

The characteristics of

Hard alloy ball high hardness, wear resistance, anti - corrosion, anti - bending, bad use environment, can replace all steel ball products. Hardness of cemented carbide ball is 90.5, density =14.9g/cm3.


Cemented carbide ball is widely used, such as: precision parts punching stretch, precision bearings, instruments, instruments, pen, spray machine, water pump, mechanical parts, sealing valve, brake pump, punching hole, oil field, hydrochloric acid laboratory, hardness measuring instrument, fishing gear, weight, decoration, finishing and other high-end industries!

The production process

Carbide ball production process with other similar cemented carbide products, mainly include the pulverizing to formula according to the requirements of USES, the wet and dry mix - crushing - and sieving to join after forming agent, then to sieve made the mixture, drying granulating to cold isostatic pressing, molding and sintering to molding (blank), packing and warehousing. According to the specific requirements and the different parameters, mainly hard alloy ball, tungsten steel ball, tungsten ball, high ratio coincidence gold ball and other hard alloy spherical products. The smallest cemented carbide ball can be about 0.3 in diameter.

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