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New Design Customized Tungsten Carbide Needle Is Produced By Zhuzhou Jinxin

       Today new design customized tungsten carbide needles will be delivery to our Germany customer by UPS.

       Now please allow me to introduce it for you.

      According to the shape of tungsten needle can be divided into roun.d stick tungsten needle and tungsten needle with pointed head. Round stick - like tungsten needle structure is slender, the surface is full of metal texture. Used for argon arc welding electrode. Argon arc welding technology is the fastest developing and most widely used welding technology at home and abroad. In particular, argon tungsten arc welding has become an indispensable means of welding various metal structures.

      During welding, an arc is generated between the tungsten pole and the workpiece, and the filler metal is sent from one side. Under the action of the arc heat, the filler metal is fused with the workpiece to form a weld. In order to prevent the melting and burning of the electrode, the welding current should not be too large. Therefore, argon tungsten arc welding is usually suitable for welding thin plates up to 4mm, such as pipe butt, pipe and tube plate connection.

      Tungsten carbide needle with pointed tip is mainly used for instrument probe. Such as the digital four-probe tester, the equipment is a multi-purpose comprehensive measuring equipment using the four-probe measuring principle. The instrument is designed according to the national standard of physical test method of single crystal silicon and the American A.S.T.M. standard. It is specially designed for testing resistivity of semiconductor materials and block resistance (thin-layer resistance). It is suitable for testing the resistance performance of semiconductor materials in semiconductor factories, semiconductor device factories, scientific research institutions and universities.

tungsten carbide needle

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