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Optimizing carbide picks in terms of process and manufacturing

Optimizing carbide picks in terms of process and manufacturing

Excellent cemented carbide picks can be used for a long time, with less frequency of replacement and low probability of failure, which can improve production efficiency and improve the working efficiency of rotary excavators. Therefore, everyone is pursuing high-quality carbide picks. Today we will talk about how to optimize carbide picks from the aspects of technology and manufacturing.

During the manufacturing process, production must be carried out in strict accordance with the relevant design requirements to ensure that the dimensions between the tooth seat and the pick are compatible with each other, to ensure that the carbide pick can rotate freely and flexibly in the corresponding tooth seat, and to avoid the In the process of operation, the phenomenon of eccentric grinding can also ensure the sharpness of the cutter teeth, thereby ensuring the realization of the self-sharpening function.

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Using hard alloy pick alloy head surfacing welding processing technology, select wear-resistant welding wire with relatively good wear resistance and plasticity, and surfacing three wear-resistant layers at the welding seam between the pick body and the alloy head. Protect the substrate from abrasion. In the surfacing layer, due to the greatly reduced size of carbides, the distribution of carbides per unit area is more dense, so when subjected to impact loads, the impact force on a single carbide will be greatly reduced, so the entire surfacing layer Impact resistance is also significantly improved.

Using the above method to optimize the carbide pick can make the pick play a good role in the specific operation process, and provide a favorable technical guarantee for the smooth progress of coal mining.

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