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Picks should choose carbide picks

carbide picks Rotary excavator construction is a common pile construction method. According to different geology, different rotary excavator picks are selected to meet the above requirements. Scientifically select rotary excavator picks and use carbide picks reasonably. To a certain extent, it can enrich the construction technology of the rotary excavator and broaden the construction field of the rotary excavator.

tungsten carbide picks

When the hardness of the formation is high, the picks are prone to failure. The main manifestations are the loss of the picks, the fragmentation of the cutter head, the shedding and wear of the carbide cutter head, etc. It can be seen that the material selection of the pick must meet certain strength and hardness requirements, and the strength mainly refers to the bending strength and tensile strength. Of course, the pick needs to meet high impact toughness at the same time. In the research process, relatively demanding materials are usually selected as pick materials, so choosing a good pick is very important. The cemented carbide picks on the market today can meet the above requirements.

Because of the special environment and special requirements of the mining work, more stringent requirements are put forward for the rotary excavator. The cemented carbide picks of the rotary excavator may occur or encounter many problems during the cutting process. Generally, the main problems are Pick failure, or the consumption of the number of picks is relatively large, so that the efficiency of stratum mining is seriously affected and restricted, resulting in certain economic losses. Purchasing stable and reliable high-quality carbide picks can promote the benefits of enterprises.

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