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Q2 Target Mobilization Conference

Q2 Target Mobilization Conference


On 3rd,Apr.2024, the Marketing Center of Jinxin  Group welcomed a passionate meeting - the kickoff meeting for the second quarter of the war! This is an event held to promote the development of the company's business, as well as a moment to motivate the team and unleash potential. In this new quarter full of challenges and opportunities, we will work hand in hand and strive towards common goals.

Q2 Target Mobilization Conference

Improve the sales performance of the sales team: We will unite as one, leverage the power of the team, and strive to achieve sales goals!

Enhance the innovation awareness and teamwork spirit of sales personnel: In this era of change and innovation, we must dare to try and innovate, and jointly explore new business models and market opportunities!

Promote the personal and career development of sales personnel: The company will provide a broader stage for every salesperson, stimulate their personal potential, and achieve a double harvest of career growth and value!

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Q2 Target

Mobilization Conference

Announced the Q2 2024 World War goals, rewards, and punishments: Announced the challenge goals for this quarter and motivated the team to strive for excellence. At the same time, various reward policies have injected new motivation and confidence into the team.

Introduction to domestic and foreign sales teams: Each sales team made an exciting appearance, introducing their team members, goals, plans, slogans, and morale, demonstrating the cohesion and combat effectiveness of the team.

CEO (Mr. Shen) delivered a concluding speech: The Chairman of the company delivered an important speech, expressing expectations for the results of the second quarter of this war, and encouraging all employees to climb the peak and create new glory in the new quarter!

Q2 Target Mobilization Conference

In this era full of challenges and opportunities, let us unite closely, work hand in hand, strive for the development of the company and personal growth, improve workshop collaboration efficiency, quality control, better customer service and value-added improvement, achieve multiple benefits, and create new miracles in our career together!

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