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The main components of tungsten carbide tire studs

tungsten carbide tire studs

Zhuzhou Jinxin Cemented Carbide Company is a professional manufacturer of tungsten carbide tire studs with more than 10 years. as all know tungsten carbide tire studs are usually small cylindrical, in use will usually be on the basis of additional steel or aluminum sleeve. Due to its special use, the tungsten carbide tire studs needs to have extremely high hardness and wear resistance, so as to ensure the durability of the equipment and extend its service life. Therefore, compared with the tire studs of other materials, the tungsten carbide tire studs has a wider range of use.

The main components of tungsten carbide materials and tungsten carbide powder, at the same time using cobalt powder or nickel powder as a binder, through the corresponding mold pressed molding and sintering. For the tungsten carbide tire studs, in consideration of the special requirements on the performance, we mainly use cobalt powder as a binder, that is, YG series of tungsten carbide materials to produce, so that the production of tungsten carbide tire studs will have a higher hardness and wear resistance.In general, the maximum hardness of tungsten carbide tire studs can reach 91.5HRA, and its bending strength will be higher than 1500 N/mm2.

tire studs

Our company can according to customer drawings to develop the production of different specifications of tungsten carbide tire studs, due to the superior performance of its materials, tungsten carbide tire studs and other materials such as steel tire studs, compared with a wider range of applications, they are widely used in antiskid shoes and the production of antiskid tires.Insert the tungsten carbide tire studs into the sole of the shoe or the surface of the automobile tire to increase the grip and prevent slipping. However, because of the anti-slide tungsten carbide with high hardness, so for antiskid shoes or car tyres with carbide cleats on the road there will be a little damage, but it is mainly used for cold and wet areas of automobile tires, hiking shoes, boots, ski pole, etc, according to the different USES and inlay groove type is different, its specifications have different requirements, but the main materials with high wear resistance, low temperature resistance, hardness, etc.The main market of antiskid nail is east Asia, North America, eastern Europe, northern Europe and so on.

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