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Tungsten Carbide Studs Used in Improvement of Roller Press

The good news is that the rolling machine of a certain enterprise has been improved by using tungsten carbide studs, which has increased the benefits! As the core equipment of cement production, roller presses have advantages over traditional vertical mills and ball mills when used in raw meal and cement grinding. Therefore, the axial surface is very important. After the traditional roller press is worn, it is repaired by thermal surfacing welding. With the wear of the surfacing layer pattern, the surface of the grinding roller will become smoother and smoother, and the material carrying effect will be greatly reduced. Grinding efficiency will gradually decrease. Usually, it needs to be replaced or repaired after one and a half years of use. Due to the existence of welding stress, a new roller sleeve can usually be repaired by welding for 3-5 times before it must be scrapped, and there is a quality of welding on site. The risk of cracking and falling blocks on the roll surface caused by poor quality.


It is improved, and the stud roller inlaid with tungsten carbide studs is used. During the process of crushing minerals, the roller press embeds the material between the stud teeth, automatically forming a protective layer, which will not damage the base material of the roller sleeve. Therefore, the service life of the roller surface can be greatly improved. The principle of stud roller extrusion crushing is to use hard tungsten carbide cemented carbide studs as "teeth" to bite the material tightly, and the material will form a dense pad between these studs to protect the base material of the roller sleeve It is not worn, so that the wear resistance of the entire roll surface can be greatly improved. It can solve the problem of frequent replacement and maintenance of the above traditional methods. Under the same workload, there is no need to stop production and upgrade equipment, which can create more benefits.

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