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Use test of tungsten-cobalt tungsten carbide studs of various grades

Tungsten carbide is an excellent wear-resistant material. Its grades are different, and its performance indicators are also very different. Some users use a variety of grades for testing, including YG15, YG15C, YG16, and YG16C. Let us take a look at his test results. Give us a reference when choosing the grade of tungsten-cobalt cemented carbide studs.


The test results of YG15 tungsten-cobalt cemented carbide studs show that the hardness, bending strength, cobalt magnetism and other indicators are good, and there is no cracking and serious wear during use, which shows that the studs of this brand are suitable for the job. condition. The test results of YG15C tungsten-cobalt cemented carbide studs show that the wear and fracture are relatively serious, indicating that this grade is not suitable for this working condition. The results of YG16 tungsten-cobalt cemented carbide studs were tested: metallographic analysis of the grain size is relatively uniform, and all the indicators tested meet the requirements of the performance table, and the manufacturing quality is good, but there are still some cracked studs and wear Larger, it can basically be judged that the grade is not suitable for the working conditions. The results of YG16C tungsten-cobalt cemented carbide post nails are tested: the metallographic analysis has a relatively uniform grain size, but the hardness and bending strength are lower than those listed in the performance table, and there are heavy wear and fractures during use, indicating that The stud is not suitable for this working condition.

Cemented carbide studs should comprehensively consider indicators such as hardness, flexural strength, fracture toughness, and compressive strength. According to the cracking, peeling and wear of the user's test studs, his test conditions have an impact on the resistance of cemented carbide. The bending strength has high requirements. As far as the selection of cemented carbide grades is concerned, it is recommended to choose YG15 with medium to fine grains with moderate wear resistance and relatively high bending strength.

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